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Seven Steps From Problem To SolutionTM

It is well known that the best solutions, and the only ones to be fully accepted by those responsible for their implementation, are those determined and developed by the people themselves. This process achieves this by the application of motivational success coaching.

Whilst working with a team in the Netherlands responsible for the build, delivery, installation and commissioning of a complex piece of new high capital value equipment, we developed and implemented the 7 Steps process that turned a number of multi-departmental problems into a solution that worked.
The actions leading to the solution were developed by the team members themselves with ownership and responsibility accepted by those responsible for their implementation. The process is a simple one with steps to: define all problems; prioritise these regarding the effect their resolution will have on the company; identify those that will be rectified as a result of other actions; formulate detailed action plans; assign responsibility and track progress; delivering results in a short timeframe.
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