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Not everyone is ready or able to jump right in and start working with a coach. Some people are unsure about the process and for others it is a question of finance. Our Goal Achiever kits offer you a very cost effective opportunity...Read more »
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Self-assessment Questionnaire
The interactive self-assessment questionnaire enables you to assess your readiness for coaching on-line.Read more »
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The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool to help you identify which areas of your life, work or business will most benefit you by improving. Read more »
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request form - Interactive Assessment

The interactive 'Readiness For Coaching' assessment is a simple tool designed to help you find out whether you are currently ready to get the most out of working with a coach.

The assessment consists of 10 questions regarding aspects of coaching where you assign a 'score' on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 = Strongly Disagree and 4 = Strongly Agree.

Having selected a score for all 10 questions you click Submit to get an estimation regarding your current levels of commitment and motivation towards coaching.


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