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Not everyone is ready or able to jump right in and start working with a coach. Some people are unsure about the process and for others it is a question of finance. Our Goal Achiever kits offer you a very cost effective opportunity...Read more »
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Self-assessment Questionnaire
The interactive self-assessment questionnaire enables you to assess your readiness for coaching on-line.Read more »
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The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool to help you identify which areas of your life, work or business will most benefit you by improving. Read more »
7 Steps From Problem To Solution™
In the midst of everything that needs to be done, do you have people who need to work together seemingly pulling in different directions? The 7 Steps process gives you everything you need to pull it all together. Read more »
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Need to simplify your admin?
Looking for a way to keep track of all your coaching and CPD activities?
Need to create reports for ICF credentialing?
This tool will do it and much more. Read more »
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The interactive wheels and interactive self-assessments will do it.

about Pure Coaching

Pure Coaching was founded in order to offer clients a powerful coaching experience that delivers results.
Executive Coach - Les Posner

Les Posner, the Managing Director of Pure Coaching, has been coaching professionally since March 2001 and has over 17 years experience working at senior management level in demanding Hi-Tech production environments throughout Europe and the USA.

He has successfully managed teams and individuals in various disciplines, has been a key member of a strategic management team regarding new product development and has successfully project-managed the construction/refurbishment of several Hi-Tech production facilities.

Les is one of the first people to be awarded an MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice by Oxford Brookes University, where he focused on the role of coaching and the influence of key player's psychological predispositions in successful organisational development and change.

With seven years experience in the study of human development, communication and leadership, Les is a graduate of the first NLP Coach Certification Training run by ITS, the first NLP training organisation in the world to receive formal ICF accreditation for its NLP Coach Certification Training.

Les is also an NLP Master Practitioner and has trained as an NLP Psychotherapist.

Blending theoretical knowledge with considerable practical experience gained in roles including engineer, manager, project manager and consultant in demanding Hi-Tech environments, forms a solid and well balanced foundation from which Les can offer clients in similarly demanding roles a powerful and rewarding coaching experience that delivers results.

Les is committed to improving the performance, happiness and effectiveness of leaders, managers, their departments and their staff through healthy relationships and effective communication.

This is driven by his experience of good and poor management and his philosophy that:

When this is easy to achieve why would you settle for less?

Clarifying Options. Informing Decisions.

With offices in the UK we are well placed to offer our services throughout Europe.

At Pure Coaching we believe in the benefits of continual personal and professional development, qualities that are fundamental to ensuring a successful future.

Do you want to ensure a successful future?

Contact us now to arrange your FREE consultation and find out how.