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Beliefs Coaching

The main limitations to the realisation of a person's full potential are their beliefs and their perception of reality based on these beliefs.

Beliefs are mental constructs we create, based on our experience, to help us make sense of the world in which we live.

Beliefs act as filters. People pay attention to what they believe to be important and ignore what they do not.

People's belief systems in business environment are incredibly important to the performance and success of the business.

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right."
Henry Ford.

Beliefs drive behaviour.

Everything people do is governed by their belief systems and associated values.


At Pure Coaching we believe that sustained change occurs only when the person experiencing the change alters the beliefs they hold to support that change. If the beliefs they hold don't change, the tendency to revert to old ways and behaviours is strong and the desired change will be short-lived.


The main thing that Les helped me to do was to align my activities with my belief system.
Instead of discussing what needed to be done and setting out an agenda to get there with an action plan... he really listened to what I was comfortable with and then gently pushed me to extend it until the job was well within my reach and I had high motivation for it because it was aligned with my values and beliefs.

The end result was the same, but the job got done happily rather than as an uncomfortable stretch.

Amanda Graham
Freelance Training Consultant and Facilitator.


Inspired by the work of Robert Dilts, the world renowned NLP developer and trainer, we have developed a model whereby we can coach a person's beliefs directly and seamlessly within the coaching conversation.

This leads to more accurate and quicker clarification of options, the development of more appropriate action plans and the achievement of sustained change in a shorter timeframe.  It has also been found to lead to unexpected realisations on the part of the client resulting in the achievement of objectives previously not considered.

Are your beliefs working for you?

Contact us now to discuss how this approach can help you.