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Goal Achiever Kits™
Not everyone is ready or able to jump right in and start working with a coach. Some people are unsure about the process and for others it is a question of finance. Our Goal Achiever kits offer you a very cost effective opportunity...Read more »
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Self-assessment Questionnaire
The interactive self-assessment questionnaire enables you to assess your readiness for coaching on-line.Read more »
Interactive Wheel
The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool to help you identify which areas of your life, work or business will most benefit you by improving. Read more »
7 Steps From Problem To Solution™
In the midst of everything that needs to be done, do you have people who need to work together seemingly pulling in different directions? The 7 Steps process gives you everything you need to pull it all together. Read more »
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Need to simplify your admin?
Looking for a way to keep track of all your coaching and CPD activities?
Need to create reports for ICF credentialing?
This tool will do it and much more. Read more »
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Want to attract visitors attention?
Looking for a way to keep visitors coming back?
Want to offer added value?
The interactive wheels and interactive self-assessments will do it.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

"Humans are producers of their life circumstance not just products of them." - Albert Bandura.

Pure Coaching work with individuals and organisations that are committed to achieving significant and sustained positive change.

If you are unsure whether you are currently ready to get the most out of working with a coach, take our interactive 'Readiness For Coaching' assessment to find out.

If you are in the position where you know things have to change, you are committed to make it happen and don't know where to start, use the interactive wheel to help you gain clarity and focus.

Whether you are looking at coaching from a personal perspective or to improve the performance of your organisation, Pure Coaching have a reputation for delivering outstanding results on time.

To find out how coaching can benefit you or your organisation, select the type of coaching that fits your requirements by clicking on the tabs below.


  • Starting in a new position
  • New responsibilities
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Losing productivity
  • Struggling to communicate
  • Disappointing appraisals
  • Running out of time

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  • Others not sharing your vision
  • Corporate values unclear
  • People resisting change
  • Right people not in the right places
  • Struggling to be understood
  • Unsure about your leadership style
  • Losing people's respect

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